February 24, 2016



With the Pyramid of the Louvre as a showcase for its unveiling and Iris Apfel, great lady of 94 years old, worldwilde fashion icon as its ambassador, New DS 3 establishes its position as a Parisian chic and stylish car.

Revealed on January 19 2016, New DS 3 hits our screens and social media channels from today, with television following in a few days. A colourful campaign, which stars New DS 3, with its millions of personalisation options and Iris Apfel, wearing her XXL sunglasses and jewellery combinations. The shared philosophy has made this encounter so unlikely and yet so obvious all at once: ‘Driven by Style”.

Since the launch of DS 3 in 2010, 390,000 customers have succumbed to the charms of the hip and stylish Parisian model. From Paris to Tokyo, London to Buenos Aires, DS 3 has become a true icon on the strength of its big personality, unique styling, at-the-wheel pleasure and leading-edge equipment. In both cabrio and hatchback versions, DS 3 has impressed with its wide range of customisations and offers, and according to customers, the best combination of comfort and dynamism.

The DS brand is continuing this success story and on January 19 unveiled New DS 3 in Paris, under the Louvre Pyramid. A setting full of history and modernity, elegance and innovation, more than a symbol the Louvre Pyramid is the soul of French luxury that shines throughout the world. What better setting to reveal this car with inimitable style! A style that is distinguished primarily by its unique attributes, such as its floating roof, its bi-tone bodywork and waistline line with its shark fin design, genuine signatures of New DS 3’s personality.

To celebrate its launch, the DS brand in collaboration with its advertising agency Publicis La Maison, has created an advertising campaign focused on ‘style’ (the primary reason for purchasing a premium city car) and has enlisted a remarkable fashion icon: Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel known for her style, she is the most influential woman in the world of fashion. Thanks to her boldness and creativity Iris has spent her life surprising and delighting. Proof of the timelessness of her vision, between 1950 to 1992 this New Yorker supervised the redecoration of the White House for no less than nine Presidents of the United States. She was also chief editor of Women’s Wear Daily. It is not uncommon to find her in the media or to discover an exhibition dedicated to her and her style, for example the recent exhibition at MOMA in New York.

Today she becomes the ambassador for New DS 3 and is at the heart of the international advertising campaign which launches on DS brand’s Facebook and Twitter social media channels in the United Kingdom and France. The campaign will run on television, digital and outdoor display from February 26 in the United Kingdom and from March 1 in France. Other European countries will follow.

‘Driven by Style’ is the claim of this colourful campaign which stages the story of a dream meeting between the two characters and the sharing of the same vision.

The campaign movie was directed by Jérémie Rozan from Standard Productions. The chosen music ‘Odd Night’ was composed by DVNO and appears exclusively on the TV spot ‘Driven by Style’ (official release on iTunes in the coming weeks). DVNO, also known as Mehdi Pinson, is a French musician, multi-instrumentist, singer, composer, producer, entertainer and DJ. He is best known by the Ed Banger fans for his guest appearance on the song “DVNO” with fellow countrymen Justice​.