July 12, 2016



After the official inauguration yesterday, which was attended by French president François Hollande, the director of the Louvre Museum, Jean-Luc Martinez, and DS brand CEO Yves Bonnefont, the Louvre's reorganised entrance hall and facilities are opening to the public today.

The major project called “Pyramid”, which began in 2014, has made the museum’s iconic entrance more impressive than ever and better equipped it to prepare the 9 million annual visitors for their visit of the museum, all with no work required on the building’s architecture. A sponsor of the Louvre since 2015, the DS brand is particularly attached to Ieoh Ming Pei’s Pyramid, which incarnates the avant-garde spirit, so it naturally gave its support to this project.

“If you are looking for what the Louvre and the DS brand have in common, it is their philosophy of constantly uniting past and present to construct their future. We have a shared vision based on excellence and elegance, know-how and technological innovation – a vision that spreads France’s prestigious image around the world”, says Yves Bonnefont, chief executive officer of the DS brand, speaking of the support provided to the Louvre since 2015. “It seemed perfectly natural to us to contribute to the Pyramid project. It was an ambitious project carried out beneath and overlooked by that magnificent avant-garde work of art that is the Pyramid. A work to which we are particularly attached at DS, since it so perfectly echoes the avant-garde spirit we seek to embody.”

Begun in 2014, the recently completed Pyramid project is certain to enhance the experience of visitors to the Louvre Museum. The aim was to reorganise the entrance hall under the Pyramid to offer the 9 million annual visitors of the museum a more pleasant welcome. The original renovation project, dating back to 1989, was based on a forecast of 4.5 million visitors a year. The challenge today was to find concrete solutions without having to do any work on the building’s architecture and without closing the museum to the public during the work. And that is what was done. Twice as many entrance controls points to smooth visitor flows, two information counters that are easier to spot and sheltered from the noise, centralised ticketing, larger areas for preparing guided tours… those are a few of the improvements that can be enjoyed starting today, along with the new rooms in the Pavillon de l’Horloge, which were also inaugurated yesterday.