March 15, 2021

DS Automobiles reveals eco-conscious fashion collection that absorbs C02.

DS Automobiles reveals eco-conscious fashion collection that absorbs C02.

Paris, 2 March 2021

Official partner of the Paris Fashion Week, the Brand is proud to reveal its this collection as part of the Women’s event, which runs from 1 – 9 March 2021.

The CO2-absorbing clothing collection forms a part DS’ Future Craft philosophy, combining French luxury savoir-faire with innovative and sustainable materials. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the clothing line also underlines DS’ commitment to eco-conscious luxury that stands at the core of the electrified E-TENSE range.

For several years now, this Future Craft philosophy has taken different forms at DS Automobiles: such as a technical fabric braided in three-material microfiber which incorporates a multitude of transparent rods and provides mood light in the interior of DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE or elements of titanium. 3D printed in production models.

The four-piece unisex collection has been created in collaboration with emerging high-fashion brand EGONlab – which featured as part of Paris Fashion Week’s SPHERE Showroom last year – and London-based design research studio, Post Carbon Lab.

Consisting of a Parisian inspired slogan bomber jacket, trench coat and two t-shirts, designed exclusively for DS Automobiles by EGONlab, the garments feature elements treated by Post Carbon Lab with the photosynthetic coating, which absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The photosynthetic coating created by Post Carbon Lab consists of a layer of living algae on the fabric of the garments that absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen, turning the carbon into glucose. So far, during the dyeing and coating process over the course of 10 weeks, the capsule collection has absorbed 1,452g of CO2, the same amount as a typical six-year-old oak tree over approximately six months.

Style and innovation are at the heart of the development of DS Automobiles. This initiative is just one example of the multitude of projects that we carry out throughout the year and which feed our reflections.