December 9, 2020


26 February 2020


With DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE, DS Automobiles is bringing a new type of car to life. Welcoming as well as distinguished, restrained as well as generous, intelligent as well as poetic, this concept car is a preview to our future.


Length : 5 meters

Width : 2,10 meters

Electric power  500 kW (680 horsepower)

0 to 100 km/h in 2,8 seconds

650 km in WLTP cycle

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A breath of innovation

A high seating position, great visibility and First-Class comfort to which you can add aerodynamic and technical efficiency and an extraordinary design… The character of DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE is unique. Through its proportions and body shape, DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE directs the airflow to optimise aerodynamic efficiency. The outline is characterised by the signature E-TENSE lighting, symbolic of the 500kW electric motor. Its DS MATRIX LED VISION projector headlights are joined by daytime running lights and DS LIGHT VEIL, illuminated panels that preview the future DS signature.

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Travel becomes an artform

DS Automobiles has come up with a new design to create a machine to travel in. Screens are no longer at the forefront. Elements of navigation and infotainment are projected onto the dashboard while the information necessary for driving is shown on the windscreen in augmented reality. The fusion of information and entertainment eradicates the constraints of touchpads. Between the seats, the central armrest acts as a guide. Through Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics technologies, you make a hand gesture and receive a sensory answer. IRIS artificial intelligence is located at the centre of dashboard, letting you control everything via simple conversation.

le voyage devient

The combination of luxury French savoir-faire and new quality materials gives rise to Future Craft

The strip of the dashboard and the back of the seats are clad with straw marquetry. This engineered material represents a perfect combination between luxury craftsmanship and the desire to work towards sustainability. The large seats are adorned with satin cotton around high-density foam technology that puts comfort first. In the doors, a fabric technique of plaited three-material microfibre allows ambient light into the cockpit. The unique plaiting, the sign of an incredible craftsman, combines art and technology.

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