High Rider

High Rider


Dynamic, compact and exclusive

Concept-Car_High-Rider-fron-viewThe DS High Rider concept car, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010, announced the future DS 4 that was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in October of the same year. Unlike other 4-seater coupés, which tend to be long and low, DS High Rider’s vitality is derived from its compact and muscular profile. The silhouette and the height of DS High Rider emphasise its compact dimensions, while reinforcing the perception of energetic vitality. A fine automobile and a beautiful coupé, DS High Rider is also exclusive and elegant, emphasising the appeal of its shape with touches of modern luxury. The sensual Golden Gloss, which was chosen for the very first appearance of DS High Rider, is in perfect harmony with the smoked chrome that surrounds the side windows and accentuates their original shape by literally lighting them up. Light is also a feature of the décor of the front and rear ends, thanks to the guides that surround the headlights and the sidelights.


 A made-to-measure interior

Concept-Car_High-Rider-InterieurJust like the exterior styling, the cockpit of DS High Rider also exudes power, energy and refinement. The ergonomics of the controls, the quality of the stitching and the materials and the general ambience produce a prestigious result and a level of quality that enhances the well-being of all the occupants.
The dashboard, the seats and the door panels are all covered with Aniline full-grain leather and evoke the codes of luxury leather ware and motor sport. The interior of DS High Rider reflects the exterior, with its exclusive styling codes, vitality and refinement that constitute its personality. A whole new concept. When the driver takes the wheel of a prestigious car, in which everything has been designed to procure pleasure, it feels like slipping into a made-to-measure suit.



Full Hybrid: The pleasure of a dynamic performance

Concept-Car_High-RiderThe agility and the ability of DS High Rider to overcome any obstacles, which are so clearly visible, are also reflected in the choice of the engine, a full hybrid diesel powertrain that combines:
– an HDi diesel internal combustion engine with DPF,
– an electric motor installed on the rear axle,
This dynamic and enjoyable performance also protects the environment. This full hybrid diesel combines the fuel-efficiency of a latest-generation diesel engine with a ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) electric mode, while permanently optimising the alternate or combined use of the two powerplants. As soon as the driver needs to accelerate hard the electric motor can immediately deliver all its torque to supplement the torque of the HDi diesel engine. And what’s more, this torque drives the rear wheels. Under these conditions, all the wheels are driven, the driver is in complete control and the dynamic qualities of the DS High Rider reach new heights.