A new interpretation of the GT that is in line with the changing face of automotive pleasure

sport-lounge-rear-artUnveiled for the very first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005, C-SportLounge proposes a new take on GT cars that is in keeping with changes in automotive pleasure. C- SportLounge draws much of its inspiration from the innovative style of the DS 5.
Its original architecture combines exterior forms that express power and streamlining with an interior inspired by a cockpit, for the driver’s pleasure and the well-being of the three passengers.
You will love the C- SportLounge concept car at first sight, thanks to the noble styling of its bodywork. The pure, yet bold lines are the perfect expression of the Brand’s stylistic codes. And thanks to its original architecture, it succeeds in combining a muscular and powerful look with remarkable streamlining. C-SportLounge’s wide track and curved sides evoke power, while also expressing the quest for optimal aerodynamics, one of the Brand’s key values, thanks to its fluid lines and long roof. C-SportLounge combines a dynamic drive and top-quality life onboard.



Optimised aerodynamics

Close attention was paid to the aerodynamics and the fluid lines, both key values of the Brand. The Cx is 0.26, and the rear Cz is 0.02. A number of features have been added to the styling and the volume that favour penetration through the air, in order to achieve these excellent results:

Air flow ducts on both sides of the front bumper. These ducts convey the air into the front wheel arches, creating a virtual fairing.
An electro-mechanical system at the rear of the roof. This system is made up of MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems) that create a virtual wing by propelling air jets and significantly improving the drag and the stability of the vehicle at high speeds.
An inverted mobile wing beneath the rear structure of the vehicle. This inverted wing, which is actuated by a jack, improves the lift (Cz) and helps to keep the vehicle stable at high speeds. It can be deployed in three positions:
– a first “neutral” position, which blends in perfectly with the style of the rear of the vehicle, when stationary and in urban driving,
– the second position is adopted at stable speeds in excess of 90 kph and optimises the Cz and the Cx,
– the third position is adopted in the event of an emergency stop in order to increase the negative lift by generating downforce and stabilising the vehicle.
The vehicle’s smooth underframe improves drag and lift by optimising the air flow under the vehicle.
This capacity to penetrate the air contributes to the dynamic performance of C-SportLounge, to the vehicle’s roadholding and to the achievement of an environmentally-friendly performance.



Top quality life onboard

Concept-Car_Sport-lounge-interiorC-SportLounge’s luxurious interior is designed to comfortably accommodate four adults, reflecting this concept car’s vocation to be a true GT. The cab is a harmonious combination of carefully worked thick, noble materials and a more mechanical drive station. With its reverse opening rear doors, this concept car is surprising accessible for this type of vehicle. The remarkable volume of the boot is ideally suited to long journeys.
The quest for driving pleasure has resulted in a driver’s cockpit that, like the passenger compartment, draws its inspiration from the world of aviation. This impression is further heightened by the use of dials with needles and the particular layout. The driver’s position adds to the pleasure at the wheel, while still benefiting from a semi-raised eye height that makes for greater enjoyment and safety. The driver’s seat is attached to the central console, which means that the gearbox and air conditioning controls are always within arm’s reach, irrespective of the longitudinal position. And we have done everything we can to make sure that the driver remains focussed on the road, with a steering wheel with fixed central controls and gear shift paddles.