Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Discover the DS brand universe in our DS Stores and DS Salons. Our sale outlets are entirely dedicated to customer care and designed to deliver a unique experience. To strengthen the consistency of the Brand through its network, DS defined its own codes. The outline of DS is an architectural concept that cannot be overlooked, evoking the fashion world, French know-how and refinement. The woven totems are the true manifestos of requirement and quality values that structure the area of our sale outlets.

Our models are sold in DS Stores and in the DS Salons of our partners from the Citroën network.

The DS Store (minimum 250sqm) is a sale outlet entirely dedicated to the brand. It is characterized by:

> A façade with a black cladding
> A woven totem with the DS logo and a crimson edging. It bears the words “DS STORE”
> A dedicated entrance
> A dedicated welcoming area
> Reserved Parking spaces for DS customers.

The architectural lines are both light and sober, the building is statutory. DS Stores are designed as a jewelry box, a stage to glorify the design of our vehicles.


DS Salon

The DS Salon (minimum 125 sqm) is a DS showroom in a Citroën dealership. It is characterized by:

> A woven totem with the DS logo and a crimson edging. It bears the words “DS STORE”
> Reserved parking spaces for DS customers.

DS Salons offer quality services to customers who will enjoy a similar brand experience as the one in DS Stores.


DS Distributor

DS Distributors or DS Partners are areas selling DS and Citroën model. Showrooms display DS and Citroën vehicles in separate areas, without any architectural distinction. The façade bears Citroën logo and name only.