November 27, 2018



DS World Paris is set to transform into a contemporary art gallery on 26 October with the residency of Fernando Costa.

For its autumn season, DS WORLD PARIS is celebrating the work of the French sculptor-welder Fernando Costa alongside DS 3 CROSSBACK, the all-new DS model voted “Best Production Car”*.

The exhibition will be showing through 1 December 2018 at 33 rue François 1er in Paris.

Fernando Costa, a composer in metal

Fresh from the FIAC contemporary art fair, Fernando Costa is continuing his Paris tour by exhibiting 15 pieces at DS WORLD PARIS.
Fernando Costa, a sculptor-welder, creates artworks in metal using salvaged objects. Attracted to the work of the sculptor César, the self-taught artist has been creating his singular pieces for 20 years. Avant-garde, bold and humanistic, he works at the nexus of several artistic movements. He creates his singular metal sculptures like jigsaw puzzles, poetic and engaged, raw and coloured, figurative and abstract.

The artist has transformed road signs since the start of his career. He resuscitates the salvaged enamelled metal objects, cutting, grinding, assembling and welding them to create works of art, unique pieces that will go on to live a new life in Europe and elsewhere.

Two Fernando Costa artworks to celebrate the launch of DS 3 CROSSBACK

Thierry Métroz, Style Director at DS Automobiles, met with Fernando Costa a few months ago. The encounter between the two creative and passionate individuals naturally gave rise to shared ideas and desires. And so it was decided to create a piece (eventually there would be two) to celebrate the rival of DS 3 CROSSBACK.

To complete the work, Fernando Costa agreed to leave his studio in the Périgord to be closer to the source of the steel sheets used to produce DS 3 CROSSBACK. Welding and grinding equipment in hand, the artist set up shop in the stamping workshop at the Poissy production site west of Paris. His presence at the famous manufacturing site led him to discover not just the raw material to be used in his new creations but a world of extensive know-how and expertise. A people person at heart, Fernando Costa met and talked with numerous operators and technicians. Some of them even took part in the creation of the artwork, meticulously adjusting welding spots like stitches on a made-to-measure dress.

The artist left the Paris region after a few days, proud and content with the two works created using parts from DS 3 CROSSBACK prototypes. The large pieces (each one measuring 200 mm by 150 mm and weighing 120kg) are distinguished by their colour, one in raw steel the other in Millennium Blue – the latter having gone through the paintshop like all DS 3 CROSSBACK models.
For the first time, the two works will be on show at DS WORLD PARIS starting on 26 October 2018.
An accompanying photo exhibition will show the artist at work as well as the main phases in the creation of the pieces dedicated to DS 3 CROSSBACK